Old blog high Google results!

For whatever reason this old blog of mine, back when I was experimenting with Blogger, Live Journal, iWeb and probably a few others, started appearing high google results. Since I haven’t used it since 2006, thought it prudent to throw up a new post directing anyone stumbling here to my more current work.  You can everything at ipeat.com. So click it 🙂 or stay here and enjoy my early days of blogging.


No one is questioning Tiki’s desire now

After last nights performance the media is probably going to all gaga over Tiki and doubt we’ll hear anybody questioning his passion, drive, desire, or leadership of this team. In fact you’ll probably see the weekly bandwagoners that jump to a different team ever week saying that Giants are now the team of destiny and that Tiki is this years Bettis.

Retiring Barber powers Big Blue to virtual playoff reality


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No one bought Windows 1.0 either

Zune Lays an Egg:

“Two boxed Zune players sat ignored on the top shelf of a Plexiglas showcase packed with iPod accessories in a Virgin Megastore near Union Square in San Francisco’s popular shopping district…. By mid-afternoon the store had sold one Zune player and one other person had inquired about them.

“The scene was bleaker at a CompUSA store a block away, where the manager said that an oversight by Microsoft sales people had resulted in the store not getting Zunes for display.

“No apparent harm was done though, said the manager, because no shoppers came asking about Zun” (Breitbart/AFP)

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iWeb / Switch to LiveJournal

Good morning I haven’t had to many post lately and that is mainly do to the clumsiness of Apple’s iWeb product while I initially liked it, it has some major hang ups. Primarily being that it is a major hassle to publish anywhere but .mac and secondly everytime you make a change or add an entry it republishes the entire site. plus the lack of an advanced editing area. Further more I was still kind of bored with Blogger so didn’t want to go back in that direction. So, here I am at LiveJournal all consolidated into a single blog. For anyone that added comments to my old Blogger blogs sorry but they where lost in the transfer. In the meantime I have back log of issues I want to blog on as well as finding a way for the blog to appear through my website at www.ipeat.com.


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iTunes Best Free Beats of ’06 Vol. 2

I had plenty to choose from for this go around of iTunes Free Beats. Highlighted by Elan’s Do Right By You, Rock Kills Kid’s hide Away, & Wolfmother’s Dimension.

1. Zambra / Willie & Lobo
2. Do Right By You / Elan
3. Mama’s Room / Under the Influence of Giants
4. Steady, As She Goes (Acoustic Version) / The Raconteurs
5. Satisfied / Ashley Monroe
6. Give It Time / Eric Lindell
7. Hide Away / Rock Kills Kid
8. Out Here All Night / Damone
9. Dimension / Wolfmother
10. Easy Love / MSTRKRFT
11. Suzie / Boy Kill Boy
12. Wound Up / Office
13. Blush (Only You) / Plumb
14. What’s the Use / Jamie Lidell
15. Sweet Sweet Baby / Michelle Featherstone
16. Sailed On / Landon Pigg
17. Back Home to Me / Sophie Milman
18. Put Your Records On (Acoustic) / Corinne Bailey Rae
19. Crowded (Radio Edit) / Jeannie Ortega feat. Papoose